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Long-Live Indochina

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   There are aplenty of nations that the global power elite West had previously colonized, benefited and yet

boycotted and left-out due to so-called policy differences to this day.

In Indochina alone there are - Burma, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam.

In the case of Burma or Myanmar -

   Colonial master Anglo-British had benefited immensely in Burma for over a century of colonialism;

while placing her under India, and thus flushing the small homogeneous nation with several millions immigrants

from South Asia continent.

As impoverished Burma turned to Socialism, the global ruling elite Anglo-led West blocked & boycotted her by

all means, ( just like other impoverished colonial-turned-socialist communist nations ), economically and all aspects.

People of Burma continue to suffer never ending cycle of struggle, poverty & infightings for over half a century.

  Its about time Anglo-led West take a turn to help her, to pay back long sufferings that these people went through

for so long.

                  Peace, Harmony and Prosperity for all people of Myanmar!   {:soso_e166:}

In the case of other Indochina nations such as Cambodia Laos & Vietnam,

Tragedy was repeated numerous times,

- century-long French colonial rule   {:soso_e171:}

- decade-long American-led war   {:soso_e155:}  (when several millions innocent lives perished)

- now boycott due to communism   {:soso_e118:}

                                    'There's no end!'    {:soso_e115:}

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vietnam should be better off than it is now
it has one of the biggest diaspora bringing billions back in.
Perhaps its the viet personality,they seem to never be able to get along and work together.
vietnam will remain a war not a country if they cant seem to unite and have some kind of reconcilliation and nation building.

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                      'A man got to do what a man got to do'

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Life's Not Fair to People of Indo-China

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   Just less than a couple centuries ago, Russia pillaged a ginormous land of native Siberians and Asians,

stretching from Siberia to Far-East Asia, containing half of the mainland Asia land mass.

  Just about the same era, British, after pillaging North America from native Americans, sailing from over

ten thousand miles away, plundered the vast continental land now called Australia/NewZealand, only a few

ten miles away from the tip of SouthEast Asia islands.

Fast forward today,

Now, land-poor & over-populated Asian nations are left with and quarreling over a handful of tiny barren islands

in South China sea.

                                     Russia the Big Fat Ugly {:soso_e113:} Bear!        

                         Great Britain - the forever looting - Pirate {:soso_e113:} the Great !   

                     Just Another Tragedy of Asians among the wolves ?  {:soso_e109:}   {:soso_e109:}   {:soso_e109:}  

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Oh, one more thing, folks..................,

On top of all that, they have been busy extracting all the energy oil gas and other land-based resources

out of these pillaged & plundered land as fast as they can,  and selling back to Asian nations like crazy.  

                                                          {:soso_e113:}   Might Is Right   {:soso_e113:}


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When will this CD tragedy end?

some thread is so uselessed to read:Q
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