petera Post time 2012-1-23 12:27:47

Witnesses to the fictitious "UA 175"

This is an invitation to anyone claiming to have observed the fictitious "UA 175" being eaten whole by the South Tower on 9/11 to offer himself for cross examination.Members of the Zionist media and our own shill brigade are excluded from this invitation for obvious reasons.This invitation includes females.I prefer the use of singular pronouns to the mangling of language by use of the Thought Police mandated plural.

Needless to say earlier invitations on other forums have drawn blanks.

petera Post time 2012-1-24 05:45:25

Day 1

Day 1 has dawned and no eyewitnesses have appeared.I had a long fruitless wait on the Topix forum a couple of years ago.Undoubtedly we will have a long fruitless wait on this thread as well.

MartinTimothy Post time 2012-1-24 07:41:17 Click the link for the enlarged full sequence.

The montage compiled from Evan Fairbanks video, taken in NY on the morning of the attacks shows an airplane impact the South Tower from ground level, which has been cropped at all mainstream 911 truth sites, before a guided missile shown in the gif animation streaks into view.

The same missile caused the gash pictured at ground level east of the North Tower, that there was minimal smoke and dust, attests to the nature of modern armaments.

petera Post time 2012-1-24 20:07:50


Thanks,Martin.I personally don't think there were missiles.I think the plane shaped cutouts were made by explosives.

petera Post time 2012-1-26 10:49:53

Three days

Three days and no witnesses yet.I expect a long and lonely vigil.

petera Post time 2012-1-27 19:01:29

Four Days

The mythical witnesses,if they indeed exist are obviously few and far apart.Perhaps those who have encountered a witness could share their experience with us ?

laowaipengyou Post time 2012-1-27 19:37:07

Can I bring you something to eat ... drink .... while you wait ...?
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