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Russia and Siberia

The Russian energy conglomerate En+ Group said it plans to actively expand

its business with its Chinese partners through new projects in Eastern Siberia,

and is hoping to become one of the biggest suppliers of energy to China.

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Russia Looks to Resources from Siberia

Russia is revving up her windfall from Siberia as fast as it can

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Russia Looks to Resources from Siberia

The fact that Siberia has the largest natural gas deposit in the world,

and the second largest oil deposit in the world .

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Russia Looks to Resources from Siberia


Will Native Siberians and Asians from Far East Russia ever benefit from their ancestral motherland?

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sobabe Post time 2011-9-5 16:45:47

Are natives better off in Russia?

Is Russia's treatment towards natives in Siberia Far East Asia better than that of  America's towards native Americans?!

I know the fact that native Americans do not share the wealth from their lost land.

I hope Russians treat their natives better overthere.

ursula638 Post time 2011-9-5 18:36:48

Russian Billionaires and Siberia

I know one thing about Russian billionaires.

That nearly all of them became wealthy from oil&gas from Siberia.

barbarianmo Post time 2011-9-5 22:32:45


It seems marriage made in heaven -

cash-strapped energy-rich Russia and cash-rich energy-hungry China,

but I too am concerned with the situation of natives in Siberia.

We know little about how well these people are treated despite all that energy that Russia has been extracting and cashing in

from their land,  which by the way, Russians call it Mother Russia!    ;P

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