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Trump longs for Aryan Nation

Fox News hosts have jumped to the defence of Donald Trump after the US President reportedly referred to El Salvador, Haiti and unspecified African nations as “s***hole countries”.

The billionaire made the comment during a meeting with congressional leaders in the Oval Office on Thursday, according to US media.

“Why are we having all these people from s***hole countries come here?” Mr Trump said after being presented with a proposal to restore protections for immigrants from the countries in question.

He asked to know why the US would not instead accept people from places like Norway, whose prime minister he had met with the day before.

In a statement, the White House defended Mr Trump's policies on immigration and did not deny he had made such comments.
Trump longs for the Aryan Nation

Saul Post time 2018-1-12 22:30:05

;P  Words can't describe that POS

Motika Post time 2018-1-13 02:20:42

POS means Piece Of Shit ? ;P

seneca Post time 2018-1-13 08:20:15

Ted180 Post time 2018-1-13 08:48:02

Trump is a rich person. Rich people don't really care about race because their money protects them from contact with people who scare them. One has to be poor or have very low self-esteem to consider race to be important. Trump (and the GOP) are not sincere about their race-talk and race-hints ("dog-whistles"). They are just using race as a weapon to prevent the proper taxation of the rich. They are laughing ("all the way to the bank"!) at the poor whites who swallow their lies.

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Trump is a rich person. Rich people don't really care about race because their money protects them f ...

WASHINGTON ― Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) said Friday that President Donald Trump’s comments about African nations being “shithole countries” are “beneath the dignity of the presidency,” and if he can’t take his job seriously, he shouldn’t have it.

“If the president can’t control himself and lead this country with the authority, dignity and leadership it requires, then he shouldn’t be the president,” she said in a scathing statement. “There’s no room for racism in the Oval Office.”
Who to believe.. senator Feinstein and most of the world or Ted... ;P

KIyer Post time 2018-1-14 07:10:04

I personally don't believe in or use foul language normally or casually. Even if provoked, it would take an extreme situation for me to use cuss words out aloud. Those that know me can vouch for this.
However, people are different. Many good hearted people I know do use words such as this.
I think one should be less sensitive to terms like "sh**hole" and understand what it is meant in context.
To be honest, I grew up and come from a country where large parts could accurately be described by the above term. In fact one of the most significant achievements of the current government under Modi is building millions of toilets to drastically reduce open defecation in India! -in the past 3-4 years -despite the 21st century technologies in use. There still are plenty of 'pis**holes' in common public view.
It does not mean I am ashamed or any less proud to be of Indian origin. I will still love and respect it. In every country there are issues to be proud or ashamed of. There are parts of most countries that could be reasonably be described as 'Sh**holes' or 'Hellholes'. Have seen parts of the USA that are like that. It is just that in some countries
it is predominant.
Waiting to jump on any word Trump or anyone considered politically an adversary reflects more on us than Trump. There have been truly more horrendous obscenities perpetrated in the name of the American or supposedly advanced civilised nations by smooth talking, well presented, self-righteous politicians for a long, long time. So much so that Trump's proclaimed policy of worrying about and focusing on USA first is a giant leap forward morally - less interference and meddling around the world. He should be lauded for that. The problems of countries like Haiti have been too much corruption among leaders who worked with the well groomed smooth glib talking leaders from the USA for many decades - they siphon all the money that should have gone to clean up the streets and provide water and toilets. India is also a great example of that.
Let us get more sensitive to policies and actions of Presidents and leaders and less sensitive to words - both foul sounding and wonderful soothing ones.
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