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Athletes take a knee during the national anthem

Many NFL athletes have taken a knee during the national anthem this past weekend as a show of solidarity in protest of Trump's racist rhetoric and the U.S.'s long history of racial inequality.

I personally believe they have the right to do this and that this form of quiet and peaceful protest should be commended.

emanreus Post time 2017-9-26 14:33:03

Rather true what you're saying...

Strange thing is that I don't see them pale faced lads during the 'kneel protest'.

Is there something cooking over there:o

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seneca Post time 2017-9-26 15:33:58

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But is the act intelligent?

Yes, there is racism to overcome in the United States, but what could be better at depicting the equality of the human Soul then by people of all backgrounds standing together and showing their love for the nation in which they live together?

The result of this act of "protest" has been even more racial polarization.  Color lines are clearly being opportunistically portrayed in this  protest, and the current administration's base of voters are becoming even more resistant to looking at the bigger picture that the human Soul transcends skin color, and that if we don't take care of each other, we are all doomed to suffer.

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You can't stop being a racist oaf, can you?

Sorry ol'chap :kiss:

Never crossed my mind that ya clor blind; honestly{:1_1:}

seneca Post time 2017-9-26 19:14:00

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