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Bye, my girl 2017-05-08
My heart felt a bit of broken when I saw her showing off pictures of her and her boy friend. I've never told myself to believe in that until tonight I ...
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If you wanted to feel happy 2017-04-01
If you wanted to feel happy, maybe it was true to swallow down others' criticism and sarcasm. Leave their words alone and walk your life forward. S ...
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Temper myself and make some reflection 2017-03-17
Two network connectors were broken at my dorm. So this noon an idear to fix them occurred to me gratuitively. I blurted it out. My roommate asked me t ...
(995) readings|(2) comments
How do you judge beauty? 2017-03-17
How do you judge beauty? This is a topic I have been thinking before. Two or three days ago, I saw online a photo of a girl. She wears a paire of J ...
(624) readings|(0) comments
make an appointment with a doctor(note-taking) 2017-03-14
Here is some knowledge of expressions I'd learned about Making an appointment with doctors. First, you may make an appointment with a dentist by ph ...
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A day for girls 2017-03-07
Today is a special day. A day for girls. Yep, it is the Girls' Day. As we have planned, we boys bought sweet dumplings, kiwi fruit, mangoes, sago and ...
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GhostBuster 2017-2-20 00:22:21
Wonderful garden!
GhostBuster 2017-2-20 00:22:21
Wonderful garden!
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