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Thoughts on the One Belt, One Road Initiative - Part II 2017-05-17
The implications of increasing interdependence     The scholars of international relations Joseph Nye and Robert Keohane brought forward the idea that the fortunes of states are inextricably tied together. They argue that the increase in ec ...
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Thoughts on the One Belt, One Road Initiative - Part I 2017-05-12
- Anming - On weekends, there is a book fair in front of Berlin’s Humboldt University, where used books are sold for a fair price. Whenever I pass by, I get at least one book and most likely it happens to be a book about China. Since my last visit, I am the proud owner of ...
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Photo Blog - Beijing's Wangfujing Snack Street 2016-01-23
Wangfujing  ( 王府井)  literally means " Prince's Mansion Well ". It is a famous shopping street in Beijing's Dongcheng district w ith commercial activities since the middle of the Ming Dynasty. D espite the cold winter months, sellers will offer their goods all over the year. A ...
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A Year in Beijing 2016-01-03
- Anming - When Marco Polo entered the city gates of Dadu in the 13th century, it couldn’t have been a more mysterious world that was opening up to him. In the western travelers’ minds, China was and still is exotic and strange, a reverse image to the familiar western world with its peculia ...
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A New Year's Resolution for China 2015-12-31
- Anming - Some people think that making New Year's resolutions is ao-te , just like watching 'dinner for one' whole length or wearing long-sleeved bodysuits. I don’t belong to them. In fact, I am pretentious enough to make a New Year's resolution not only for myself, but for the entire Peo ...
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Yearning for winter 2015-11-21
- Anming -  There are certain things in China, which foreigners simply can’t appreciate. When Starbucks and H&M want to make us belief that the world is populated with tasteless, uniform people, they are the last evidence of cultural difference. Engraved stone steels and cabbage-shaped ...
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Trip to Xinjiang - Contribution to China Daily's Topic 2015-10-26
- Anming - There are powerful sentences you might come across when living in China. One of them is: China is too big . You got lost in narrow Hutong alleys, the Chinese next to you can point north with the accuracy of a compass needle, but can’t say where the next public toilet is? You are ...
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Autumn in Beijing 2015-10-09
- Anming - Some people are easily influenced by music, others by written words, and some - me included - by both. During the last weeks, listening to the new Libertines album (recommended!) and reading short stories by Hemingway made me feel a bit like a teenager again. However, I am already in th ...
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Chinese Summer Provocations 2015-08-01
- Anming - Provocation is nothing new in western popular culture. It came a long way from Gaultier’s 1990 Madonna bra to Lady Gaga’s VMA meat dress. Not to mention my bearded compatriot Conchita Wurst, who sang „ Rise like a phoenix “ at last year’s Eurovision Song Contest and scaried ...
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Money for nothing and chicks for free 2015-07-11
- Anming - Sometimes two opposites are not far from each other. For example, some people say that there is a fine line between genius and insanity . And probably most of us have seen love changing into hate overnight. For me, life these days ...
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How to be happy for a lifetime - part 2 2015-06-30
 - Anming - According to Schumpeter, there are three main motives for entrepreneurship: the dream of having an own kingdom, the wish to be successful in competition with others and the joy of acting as a creator. Although sounding a bit scary, it ...
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My Hometown - Contribution to China Daily's Thread Topic 2015-06-21
My hometown is a small municipality called Aschach in the Austrian state of Upper Austria. The town is located in the Danube Valley and has a population of 2,190. First mentioned in the year 777, Aschach has a historic center with beautiful houses and courtyards, including a castle. Tourist ...
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You say you want a revolution... 2015-05-31
- Anming - Despite frequent warnings by good friends, I continue reading the newspaper on a daily basis. I even listen to news broadcasts from Europe, America and Asia hoping to overcome eurocentrism. I do that, because the Austrian education system told me that good citizenship mainly c ...
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Fifty Shades of White 2015-05-17
- Anming - Summer season started, no doubt. My Beipingyang consumption doubled, I started misusing my dumpling dough roller for after-work mojitos and I got my umbrella out of the closet. Right, some laowais, me included, worry about getting sunburnt. Spending most of ...
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