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A Record of Female Scientist's Living Status 2017-03-28
Luo Yi Female scientists in China play an increasing important role in the development of science, and this group is valued by society mor ...
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Young Girl's Shocking Experience of Protecting Wild Animals in Africa 2017-03-27
Zhuoyang Ling'er at the grasslands in Africa.   A 12-year-old middle school student from southwest China's Chongqing Municipali ...
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Smart Tech Provides Moms with Easy Access to Baby Care Facilities 2017-03-25
Officials in Guangzhou , south China's Guangdong Province, recently opened a network of public maternity rooms in the city, to provided visitors ...
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Girl, 9, Donates Stem Cell 3 Times to Help Mom 2017-03-24
Zhang Yinuo takes a blood test before donating stem cells at the hospital.   A 9-year-old girl from Zunhua, ...
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China Releases 1st Female Naval Promotional Film 2017-03-23
China's female naval crew stands in a line to salute an officer. China recently released its first female navy soldier promotional film ...
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Good Blood Circulation Crucial for Health 2017-03-22
You must make a special effort to invigorate blood circulation if you want to be a healthy, beautiful woman.   Are you aware the ...
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MechaelFeX 2016-6-9 13:51:32
Обнал карт
Sebin50 2016-4-3 08:15:58
My name is sebrina i from London i have something to discause with you please contact me
loshorrizon 2015-3-20 16:41:10
I agree to the idea that women uphold half of the world. Their contribution to our country is as much as the male. But as we all know, China's society is dominated by the male. They have a higher social status. so I adovocate that attention should be paid to the women's status and living condition. women need not to be subject to the male. COME ON!
teamkrejados 2014-9-17 13:36:49
I am so grateful that you report on women's issues. From personal experience I know many women who would simply accept how things are and men who believe they should have more advantages than women. Thank you so much. Please keep getting the message out that women and men should have equal rights, professional challenges and social benefits.
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